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What comprised Jeff's gear?

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What comprised Jeff's gear?
        Jeff Buckley had a black Les Paul that was one of his favorite guitars, but he (and Michael Tighe) would very often play Fender Telecasters. Both players ran biamped into Fender Vibroverbs and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier combos. Buckley used an Alesis Quadraverb for shimmering, church-like textures.13

        Other guitars that Jeff toured with include a red Rickenbacker, and a miked Gibson acoustic guitar.

        In one case, what appeared to be a precious piece of Jeff's gear, really wasn't his own. The cream-colored Fender Telecaster that Jeff often used was borrowed from a St. Ann's Arts staff member in 1992. The Telecaster was returned to the staff member the night of the public memorial, August 1, 1997.

        A complete list of the equipment that Jeff and the band used was provided by Jack Bookbinder and Gene Bowen (Jeff's former tour manager) at Fun Palace Entertainment:

(used by Jeff Buckley and band...drum sets varied)

    24x24x19 Mesa bass head
    40x22x35 drum case
    33x34x42 Mesa 4x12 guitar cabinets (2)
    33x34x42 Mesa 4x12 guitar cabinets (2)
    Rack effects box
    48x29x43 drum case
    Samson MPL 1640 16 channel audio mixer
    Empty kick drum case
    Tama floor tom drum w/ soft case
    Tama 12" tom drum
    Tama bass drum w/ soft case
    Art Master MIDI master control foot pedals Quantity = four (4)
    25x19x42 Mesa 4x10/1x15 (Bullet) bass cabinet
    39x23x25 Mesa 1x15 bass monitor
    Crate Vintage/Club 50 Amps (2)
    Fender Bassman 135 head amp
      Dean Markley (Blue Steel) for electric
      Dean Markley (Brass) for acoustic
    Cymbals: Zildjian
    Drum Heads: Remo
    Picks: Tortoise


    Boss Hyper Fuzz
    Boss power supply & master switch
    Dunlop Tremolo volume pedal
    MXR Fuzz Unit
    MXR Blue Box
    DOD Buzz Box
    Morley A/B Switch Box
    Real Tube Overdrive
    Marshall Drive Master
    Digitch Whammy II with Microphones
    Hi band Flanger
    Whirlwind A/B boxes
    Mesa Rectifier Switches
    Boss Chromatic Tuners
    TC Electronic Stereo Chorus
    Electrro-Harmonix Hot Tubes Overdrive Simulator
    Boss Power supply and master switch
    Stewart Direct Boxes
    Indian string sitar with bow in wooden case
    Fender Jaguar cream color electric guitar
    Yamaha acoustic guitar fg-470S w/ case
    Ibanez Talmar green color electric guitar
    Dobro guitar w/ case
    Fender Jazz bass black color electric
    Hagstrom I black electric guitar
    Rickenbacker 12 string sunburst electric (OTHER MAIN GUITAR)
    Les Paul black electric guitar
    Silhoutti Musicman black electric guitar
    Transfer flower electric guitar
    Fender Telecaster - cream color / on borrow from friend at St. Ann's (MAIN GUITAR)

13 Rotondi, James. "The Power Of Grace." Guitar Player, April, 1995, Volume 29, Issue 4, Page 21

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The Kingdom For A Kiss Jeff Buckley F.A.Q. By Rebecca Kane ©1998, 1999
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Questions and Answers with Mary Guibert (Jeff Buckley's mother)

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