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What "Mojo Pin" about and what is a mojo pin?
"This is a song about a dream." -- Jeff Buckley, from Live at Sin-

        "Plainly speaking ... its a euphemism for a dropper full of smack that you shoot in your arm." 6 -- Jeff Buckley

        Despite the obvious drug reference and sensational rumors to the contrary, Jeff's personal life was never corrupted by addiction of any kind (except to music). Jeff was focused on his spiritual goals, developing his inner self and simply enjoying his life. He planned to make music for a long time, for all of his life. As he is quoted above, "This is a song about a dream," not an ode glorifying drug use.

How are "Mojo Pin" and "Grace" associated with Gary Lucas?
        The early incarnations of these songs were formed when Jeff was a part of Lucas' Gods and Monsters. Gary Lucas wrote the guitar parts, and Jeff invited Lucas into the studio to record them for Grace.

What is Michael Tighe's connection with "So Real"?
        During rehearsals [for the pre-Grace tour] Michael Tighe came up with a guitar line that transfixed Jeff. They quickly wrote the haunting "So Real." Excited by the new composition, Jeff insisted that they cut it live in an LA studio, initially to use as a B-side. The results were so good the song was added to Grace. 7

Whose version of "Lilac Wine" does Jeff cover?
        "I've only heard Nina Simone's...And that's the only one that matters. There's one by Ertha Kitt. There's one by Elkie Brooks, which I've never, ever heard. There's another one. But they've done it, but Nina does it best. That's the end all of it. That's the be all end all version. She's the king." 8
    -- Jeff Buckley

Whose version of "Hallelujah" does Jeff cover?
        Jeff covers the version of the song that John Cale recorded for the Leonard Cohen tribute album I'm Your Fan: The Songs of Leonard Cohen By.... Cohen had written both versions of the song.

        "Whoever listens carefully to "Hallelujah" will discover that it is a song about sex, about love, about life on earth. The hallelujah is not a homage to a worshipped person, idol or god, but the hallelujah of the orgasm. It's an ode to life and love." 9
    -- Jeff Buckley

What is the instrument at the start of "Lover You Should Have Come Over"?
The instrument in the introduction is a harmonium.
(n.) A small organ-like keyboard instrument with small metal reeds and pedal-operated bellows. (Webster's College Dictionary, Random House, New York, 1991.)

Why is "Corpus Christi Carol" included on Grace?
        Jeff included this cover of the Benjamin Britten piece as a gift to his high school friend Roy Rollo from Long Beach, California. Roy had introduced Jeff to the work of the composer.

"The "Carol" is a fairytale about a falcon who takes the beloved of the singer to an orchard. The singer goes looking for her and arrives at a chamber where his beloved lies next to a bleeding knight and a tomb with Christ's body in it. My friend Roy introduced me to the song when I was still in high-school and now I'm singing it for him."9
    -- Jeff Buckley

What is "Eternal Life" about?
        "Eternal Life" was inspired by anger over "the man that shot Martin Luther King, World War II, slaughter in Guyana and the Manson murders." 2
    -- Jeff Buckley

Why weren't lyrics included with the Grace release?
        May fans have pondered this very question. From the man himself:
        "... one, is that in my esteem it didn't really look all that good on paper and I was a bit self-conscious about it. Second reason is sometimes it's better just to, just to garner your own interpretations of the song. You know, just to get your own picture of it and to have it happen to you as much as possible rather than having a blueprint to go by."
        "... I made a lyric book for people who wanted to know what the lyrics were. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get permission for the three covers. 'Cuz, I mean, printing up the booklets alone was, like, a lot of money for me. It's not a Sony expense ... so I'm going to send them to the fan club, the people that, like, wrote and said, 'Please give me the lyrics.'"
    -- Jeff Buckley

Who is the "Dream Brother"?
        The dream brother that Jeff penned the song for was long-time friend Chris Dowd, formerly of Fishbone, currently leader of The Seedy Arkhestra. Jeff and Chris had been friends from the time Jeff had lived in Los Angeles.

        "It's a song about a friend of mine, who's led a rather excessive life... He is in trouble. This song is for him. I know what self-destruction can lead to, and I have tried to warn him. But I am one big hypocrite because when I called him up and told him about the song I'd written, that same night I took an overdose of hash and woke up the next day feeling terrible. It is very hard not to give in to one's negative feelings. Life is total chaos." 9
    -- Jeff Buckley

What is the significance of the clocks and keys on the cover and booklet of Grace?
        From questions submitted to Mary Guibert from the original Jeff Buckley mailing list:

        "... The clocks and keys and other such flotsam on the liner notes of Grace are not significant of anything in particular - just part of the creative expression of the graphic artists in consultation with Jeff. From what I understand, they just assembled different elements until they were happy with the results." --Mary Guibert

Who is King Buzzo, that JB includes in the Thanks?
        King Buzzo is a member of the Melvins, whom Jeff had befriended. The Melvins had been in Bearsville, New York at the time of the Grace sessions.

Awards and Sales of Grace
        On April 13th, 1995, Grace was awarded France's prestigious Grand Prix International Du Disque - Academie Charles CROS - 1995. Previous winners of this award include Edith Piaf, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Joni Mitchell.

        In Australia, Grace went Top 10, and also went Gold. Jeff also received a Gold Record for Grace in France.

Who is "P" that Jeff Thanks?
        "P" is Pete Moore, Rebecca Moore's father. Sadly, Mr. Moore died during the recording of Grace .

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The Kingdom For A Kiss Jeff Buckley F.A.Q. By Rebecca Kane ©1998, 1999
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Questions and Answers with Mary Guibert (Jeff Buckley's mother)

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