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John Zorn's Cobra
Live at the Knitting Factory
Live at the Knitting Factory

Release info:

    Released: March 1, 1994, Knitting Factory Works (CD# KFW 124)

    Track Listing:

      1. 2:14Hemachatus Haemachatus
      2. 8:43Naja Naja Atra
      3.11:02Many-Banded Krait
      4. 1:31Taipan
      5. 3:23D. Popylepis
      6. 2:19Lampropeltis Doliata Syspila
      8. 6:23Maticora Intestinalis
      9. 4:03Acanthopis Antarcticus
      10. 5:45Hydrophiidae
      11. 0:54Ngu Sam Liem
      12. 1:28Ophiophagus Hannah
      13. 5:32Boulengerina
      14. 3:02Laticauda Laticauda

    Total Playing Time: 67:30


    Since January 1992, the Knitting Factory has devoted the last Sunday of every month to John Zorn's musical gamepiece, Cobra. Each time, a different organizer brings in 12 of his or her peers to play. This album was recorded live at The Knitting Factory, in New York City, throughout 1992. These monthly impromptu jams were dated according to the month they were recorded. Jeff Buckley participated in April 1992's recordings.

    Jeff Buckley contributed vocals to tracks four and five, from April's recordings.

    Recorded at The Knitting Factory, 1992
    Engineered by: James McLean
    Produced by Anthony Coleman and Norman Yamada
    Executive Producer: Michael Dorf

Credits for Tracks 4 & 5:

    Organizer: Eric Qin

    Jeff Buckley: Voice (Tenor)
    M. Doughty: Voice (Tenor)
    Judy Dunaway: Voice (Mezzo-soprano)
    Mark Ettinger: Voice (Tenor)
    Gisburg: Voice (Soprano)
    Cassie Hoffman: Voice (Soprano)
    Nina Mankin: Voice (Mezza-soprano)
    Chris Nelson: Voice (Baritone)
    Juliet Palmer: Voice (Alto)
    Wilbur Pauley: Voice (Bass)
    Rick Porterfield: Voice (Baritone)
    Eric Qin: Voice (Baritone)
    Kevin Sharp: Voice (Throat)

Jazz Passengers
In Love
In Love

Release info:

    1994 High Street/Windham Hill Records (CD# 72902 10328-2)

    Track Listing:

      1.2:13Montage 1 [with excerpt from "Underground Man"]
      2.6:18Imitation Of A Kiss
      3.7:45Jolly Street
      4.3:19Swim To Me
      5.2:40Dog In Sand
      7.5:08I'll Pray For You
      8.3:31Think Of Me
      9.1:07[Excerpt 2]
      11.5:20The Handsome Man From Fiji
      12.6:33Ring The Bell
      13.6:06America Mrs. You
      14.0:53[Excerpt 3]
      15.6:18Your Ambivalence

    Total Playing Time: 64:31

Track 3 Credits:

    Music by Curtis Fowlkes
    Lyrics by Eay Dobbins and Roy Nathanson

    Produced by Hal Willner and Hugo Dwyer
    Executive Producer: Bob Appel

    Jeff Buckley: Lead Vocal
    Curtis Fowles: Trombone
    Roy Nathanson: Alto Saxophone
    Bill Ware: Vibes
    Brad Jones: Bass
    E.J. Rodriguez: Drums
    Marc Ribot: Guitar
    Bob Dorough: Background Vocals
    Jenni Muldaur: Background Vocals
    Curtis Fowlkes: Background Vocals

Brenda Kahn
King of Cairo EP
King of Cairo EP

Release info:

    1994 Chaos Records promo EP (CD# OSK 6626; Cass# OAT 6626)

    Track Listing:

      3.5:33Faith Salons

    Total Playing Time: ??:??


    Jeff Buckley contributed background vocals on and co-wrote track three, "Faith Salons."

    King of Cairo was released only as a promotional item and was not available for sale new.


    More information coming soon ....

Rebecca Moore
Admiral Charcoal's Song
Admiral Charcoal's Song

Release info:

    1995 Knitting Factory Works (CD# KFW 162)
    Released: January 23, 1996

    Track Listing:

      1.5:28If You Please Me
      2.6:21Busy Head
      3.5:18Needle Men
      4.4:34Twisty Lullag'bye
      5.7:39Outdoor Elevator
      6.5:46The Lamp Shop
      7.9:47All The Halloweens You Can Hold
      9.4:11The Sisters Bernice
      10.6:38Cripple Kingdom
      11.6:29Rosalie's Nightmare

    Total Playing Time: 67:24

Credits for Track 1:

    R. Moore: Vocals, acoustic guitar
    Reuben Radding: Acoustic and electric bass
    Jeff Buckley: Electric 6 string bass
    Larry Miller: Voice
Credits for Track 3:

    R. Moore: Vocals, acoustic guitar, sound effects
    Reuben Radding: Acoustic and electric bass
    Jeff Buckley: Electric 6 string bass, drums
    Nina Piaseckyj: Cello
Credits for Track 5:

    R. Moore: Vocals, acoustic guitar
    Jeff Buckley: Electric 6 string bass
    Steven Bernstein: Trumpet

Brenda Kahn
Destination Anywhere
Destination Anywhere

Release info:

    Released: June 18, 1996 Shanachie Entertainment Corp. (CD# Shanachie 5708)

    Track Listing:

      5.5:33Faith Salons
      6.4:16Yellow Suns
      7.4:12Too Far Gone
      9.6:17No Cure

    Total Playing Time: 44:21


    Produced by Tim Patalan

    Photography by Merri Cyr

Track 5 Credits:

    Brenda Kahn and Jeff Buckley: Words and music

    Recorded at Soundtrax, New York, NY

    Brenda Kahn - Vocals, guitar
    Jeff Buckley - Guitar and background vocals
    Scott Santos - Bass
    George Javori - Drums

Patti Smith
Gone Again
Gone Again

Release info:

    Released: September 30, 1996 Arista Records (CD# 07822-18747-2)

    Track Listing:

      1.3:17Gone Again
      2.4:35Beneath The Southern Cross
      3.8:16About A Boy
      4.5:09My Madrigal
      5.4:11Summer Cannibals
      6.4:17Dead To The World
      9.3:47Wicked Messenger
      11.3:54Farewell Reel

    Total Playing Time: 55:52


    Produced by Malcolm Burn & Lenny Kaye
    Recorded at Electric Lady, NYC
    Engineer: Malcolm Burn
    House Engineer: Brian Sperber
Track 2 Credits:

    Jay Dee Daugherty: Drums
    Lenny Kaye: Acoustic and electric guitars
    Tony Shanahan: Bass
    Luis Resto: Keyboards
    Patti Smith: Vocals, acoustic guitar
    Tom Verlaine: Electric guitar
    John Cale: Organ
    Jeff Buckley: Voice
Track 10 Credits:

    Jay Dee Daugherty: Drums
    Lenny Kaye: Acoustic and electric guitars
    Tony Shanahan: Bass
    Luis Resto: Keyboards
    Patti Smith: Vocals, acoustic guitar
    Tom Verlaine: Lead guitar
    Oliver Ray: Acoustic guitar
    Hearn Gadbois: Percussion
    Jeff Buckley: Essrage

Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness
Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness

Kicks Joy Darkness is a spoken word (with music) tribute to Jack Kerouac.

Release info:

    Released: March 18, 1997 Rykodisc (CD# RCD 10329)

    Track Listing:

      1.2:54Kerouac - Morphine
      2.1:55Bowery Blues - Lydia Lunch
      3.2:23My Gang - Michael Stipe
      4.1:34Dream: "Us kids swim off a gray pier..." - Steven Tyler
      5.1:41Letter to William S. Burroughs & Ode To Jack - Hunter S. Thompson
      6.5:51Skid Row Wine - Maggie Estep & The Spitters
      7.6:06America's New Trinity of Love: Dean, Brando, Presley - Richard Lewis
      8.2:04Dream: "On a sunny afternoon..." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Helium
      9.2:48MacDougal Street Blues - Jack Kerouac & Joe Strummer
      10.5:47The Brooklyn Bridge Blues (Choruses 1-9) - Allen Ginsberg
      11.3:12Hymn - Eddie Vedder, Campbell 2000 & Sadie 7
      12.2:32Old Western Movies - William Burroughs & Tomandandy
      13.4:02Silly Goofball Pomes - Juliana Hatfield
      14.3:01The Moon - John Cale
      15.3:28"Madroad driving..." - Johnny Depp & Come
      16.3:48"Have you ever seen anyone like Cody Pomeray?..." - Robert Hunter
      17.2:36Letter to John Clellon Holmes - Lee Ranaldo & Dana Colley
      18.1:45Pome On Doctor Sax - Anna Domino
      19.1:25Mexico Rooftop - Rob Buck & Danny Chauvin as Hitchhiker
      20.3:47The Last Hotel - Patti Smith with Thurston Moore & Lenny Kaye
      21.3:34Running Through - Chinese Poem Song - Warren Zevon & Michael Wolff
      22.2:25Woman - Jim Carroll with Lee Ranaldo, Lenny Kaye & Anton Sanco
      23.3:19Mexican Loneliness - Matt Dillon with Joey Altruda, Joe Gonzalez & Pablo Calogero
      24.5:24Angel Mine - Inger Lorre & Jeff Buckley
      25.1:59The Brooklyn Bridge Blues (Chorus 10) - Eric Andersen

    Total Playing Time: 79:20

Track 24 Credits:

    Recording engineered and mixed by Hillary Johnson at Spa Recording Studios, NYC

    Inger Lorre: Voice, guitar, keyboards
    Jeff Buckley: Guitar, sitar, mouth sax, vocal adlib on outtro

The Seedy Arkhestra
The Seedy Arkhestra - Puzzle

Release info:

    Released: August 12, 1997, Astor Place Recordings LLC (CD# TCD 4008)

    Track Listing:

      1.3:00You Can't Do That
      3.4:05A Thousand Tears
      4.4:47How Will I Know
      5.6:15Despite The Tears
      8.4:01Baby Would You Take Care Of Me?
      9.2:50Flog Your Dead Horse

    Total Playing Time: 39:58


    Produced by Chris Dowd, Hod "babyback" David, & Dan Siegler
    Executive Producer: Steve Plotnicki
    Engineered by Hod Davis
    Mixed by Arty Skye
    Recorded at Daydream Studios, NYC

    "Despite The Tears" written by Chris Dowd and Jeff Buckley

    Matt Johnson: Drums
    Joan Wasser: Violin
    N'Dea Davenport: Backing vocals
    Jeff Buckley: Lead guitar and backing vocals, guitar solo on "Flog Your Dead Horse"
    Hod David: Bass and guitar
    Dan Siegler: Backing vocals
    Eric Richards: Banjo
    Paul Shapiro: Flute, tenor and alto saxophone
    Josh Roseman: Trombone
    Don Byron: Baritone sax and clarinet
    Omar Kabir: Piccolo trumpet, flugel horn, trumpet and conch
    Joseph "Amp" Fiddler: Grand piano and clavinet
    Chris Dowd: Piano, hammond organ, clavinet, slide guitar, harmonica and lead vocals
    Brad Jones: Upright bass
    David Harris: Backing vocals, ryhthm guitar, lead guitar on "Puzzle"

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
The Supreme Collection Volume 1
The Supreme Collection Volume 1

Jeff Buckley wrote the liner notes for The Supreme Collection Volume 1.

Release info:

    Released: August 26, 1997 Caroline Records (CD# CAR 7552-2)

    Disc One Track Listing:

      1.18:29Tum Agar Yuhi Nazren
      2.17:42Mazaa Aa Gaya
      3.19:06Mast Aankon Ki Kasam
      4.18:04Likh Diya Dar Pe Kisi Ne

    Disc One Playing Time: 73:21

    Disc Two Track Listing:

      1.26:17Aag Daman Mein Lag Jai
      2.12:54Mulaqat Ho Gaye
      3.19:42Aaj Koi Baat Ho Gaye
      4.16:38False Gul Hai

    Disc Two Playing Time: 75:31

Closed on Account of Rabies
Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
Closed on Account of Rabies

Release info:

    Released: December 9, 1997, Mercury Records (CD# 314 536 480-2)

    {CD 1} "Burglars Singing In The Cellar"

    Disc One Track Listing:

      1. 1:30"Alone" - Read by Marianne Faithfull
      2. 8:29"The Raven" - Read by Christopher Walken
      3.14:25"The Tell-Tale Heart" - Read by Iggy Pop
      4. 3:01"The Conqueror Worm" - Read by Ken Nordine
      5.37:00"The Black Cat" - Read Diamansa Galás
      6. 5:21"For Annie" - Read by Gavin Friday
      7. 2:28"To Helen" - Sung by Ed Sanders

    Disc One Playing Time: 72:14

    {CD 2} "The Devil's Brew"

    Disc Two Track Listing:

      1. 5:42"The Haunted Palace" - Sung by Ed Sanders
      2. 6:12"Ulalume" - Read by Jeff Buckley
      3.27:41"Berenice" - Read by Dr. John
      4. 8:04"The City and the Sea" - Performed by Deborah Harry and the Jazz Passengers
      5. 2:24"Annabel Lee" - Read by Marianne Faithfull
      6.18:12"The Masque of the Red Death" - Read by Gabriel Byrne
      7. 1:56"The Raven" - Read by Abel Ferrara

    Disc Two Playing Time: 70:11

Notes on "Ulalume" - Read by Jeff Buckley:

    Recorded at Sorcerer Sound Studios, NY

    Chris Apedding: Guitar
    Hal Willner: Additional music

    Chris Spedding and additional music recorded at Points West Recording, Silverlake, CA
    Martin Brumbach: Recording Engineer
    Eric Liljestrand: Mix & additional recording engineer

Liner Notes on "Ulalume":

     We recorded the last performances for this album -- by Gavin Friday and Jeff Buckley -- on the evening of February 13, 1997. Jeff was moving to Memphis the next day. Allen Ginsberg, a friend of both Gavin and Jeff, came by to visit and ended up coaching Jeff. The result is a beautiful reading, full of innocence and discovery. Within a few months both Allen and Jeff would be gone -- events that I have not really accepted yet. They were both rare creatures of this earth and the memory of the two of them working together that night will remain with me forever. I miss them terribly. This album is dedicated to Jeff and Allen.
    Hal Wilner
    Venice, California
    August 1997

First Love, Last Rites
First Love, Last Rites

Release info:

    Released in Fall 1998.


    Jeff's contribution was a song that he colaborated on with Craig Wedren, from Shudder to Think. The name of the song is "I Want Someone Badly."

    More information coming soon.

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