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Grace rear panel
Jeff Buckley's first and only full-length album


    U.S. release date: August 23, 1994, Columbia Records

    Track Listing:

      1.5:42Mojo Pin
      3.4:35Last Goodbye
      4.4:32Lilac Wine
      5.4:43So Real
      7.6:43Lover, You Should've Come Over
      8.2:56Corpus Christi Carol
      9.4:52Eternal Life
      10.5:26Dream Brother

    Total Playing Time: 51:44


    Produced, engineered & mixed by Andy Wallace
    "So Real" produced by Jeff Buckley, engineered by Clif Norrell, mixed by Andy Wallace
    "Corpus Christi Carol" & "Dream Brother" additional engineering by Clif Norrell

    Jeff Buckley:

      Voice, guitars, harmonium, organ, dulcimer, additional tabla on "Dream Brother"
    Mick Grondahl: Bass
    Matt Johnson: Drums, percussion, vibes on "Dream Brother"
    Michael Tighe: Guitar on "So Real"
    Gary Lucas: Magicalguitarness on "Mojo Pin" & "Grace"
    Loris Holland: Organ on "Lover, You Should've Come Over"
    Misha Masud: Tabla on "Dream Brother"
    Karl Berger: String arrangements

Release Dates:

    U.S. release date: August 23, 1994 on Columbia Records (Sony)
      US CD #: CK 57528
      US Vinyl #:
      US Cass. #: CT 57528
      US MiniDisc #: CM5728
      US promo cassette #: ACC 57528 (black cover with key)
    U.K./Euro release date: August 15, 1994
      UK/Euro LP #: 475928 1
      UK/Euro 2CD #: 475928 2
        (some were shrinkwrapped together w/ Live From Nighttown promo)
    Japan release date: September 1, 1994
      Japan CD #: SRCS 7455 (incl. complete lyric sheet)
    Australia release date: September 19, 1994
      Australia #: 481061 2
        (there were a limited number of pressings with Jeff Buckley Live included in a 2CD jewel case)

Sketches (For My Sweetheart, The Drunk)

Some of Jeff Buckley's final works combined into a posthumous two CD release

To Be Released:

    U.S. release date: May 26, 1998, Columbia Records

    Disc I:

      1.5:09The Sky Is A Landfill
      2.4:46Everybody Here Wants You
      3.3:29Opened Once
      4.3:53Nightmares By The Sea
      5.4:07Yard of Blonde Girls
      6.4:40Witches' Rave
      7.4:40New Year's Prayer
      8.3:39Morning Theft
      10.5:39You & I

    Disc I Playing Time: 43:14

    Disc I Notes:

      Produced by Tom Verlaine
      All songs mixed by Andy Wallace,
      except You & I - Mixed by Tom Verlaine

    Disc II:

      1.3:49Nightmares By The Sea
      2.4:10New Year's Prayer
      3.4:07Haven't You Heard
      4.4:27I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)
      5.5:55Murder Suicide Meteor Slave
      6.7:37Back in N.Y.C.
      7.5:13Demon John
      8.3:37Your Flesh Is So Nice
      9.3:37Jewel Box
      10.6:00Satisfied Mind

    Disc II Playing Time: 48:32

Disc II Notes:

    Tracks 1-2 Produced and mixed by Tom Verlaine
    Track 3 Mixed by Thom Cadley, Michael J. Clouse & Mary Guibert
    Track 4 Recorded on 4-track by Jeff Buckley in Memphis, TN (Spring 1997);
      Mixed by Michael J. Clouse (Fall 1997)
    Tracks 5-9 Recorded on 4-track by Jeff Buckley in Memphis, TN (Spring 1997)
      Mixed by Thom Cadley, Michael J. Clouse & Mary Guibert
    Track 10 Recorded live on "The Music Faucet", WFMU-East Orange, NJ
      (October 11, 1992)
      Produced by Nicholas Hill for The Music Faucet.

Release Dates:

    U.S. release date: May 26, 1998
      US CD #: C2K 67228
      US Promo Cass. #: 2CT 41087 / CAT 41131
      US Cass. #: C2T 67228
      US Vinyl #:
    U.K./Euro release date: May 12, 1998
      UK/Euro 2CD #: 488661 6
      UK/Euro 3LP #: 3C 67228
    Japan release date: May 14, 1998
      Japan CD #: SRCS 8640-1
    Australia release date: May 5, 1998
      Australia CD #: 488661 2
      Australia 3LP #:
Release Notes:
    So far, Sketches has been released in four different pressings, each with subtle differences. The different versions are as follows, in order of release:
    • Australian (released Tuesday, May 5th ) - 21 tracks including "Gunshot Glitter" (disc 2, #7), including lyrics, not including multimedia
    • Euro (released Tuesday, May 12th ) - 21 tracks including "Gunshot Glitter" (disc 2, #7), including multimedia, including lyrics (this pressing *may* be limited edition)
    • Japanese (released Thursday, May 14th ) - 22 tracks including "Gunshot Glitter" (disc 2, #7), and "Thousand Fold" (disc 2, #11), plus limited edition extra picture booklet and separate lyrics booklet in an extra-thick 2CD jewel case. There is no multimedia on the Japanese pressing.
    • US/Canada (released Tuesday, May 26th) - 20 tracks (not including Gunshot Glitter), with multimedia, without lyrics

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Questions and Answers with Mary Guibert (Jeff Buckley's mother)

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