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In May of 1996, Jeff played a series of gigs as bass player with Mind Science of the Mind, a side-project of Buckley's friend, Nathan Larson of Shudder To Think. Primarily in the Northeast of the United States, this tour was in support of their self-titled debut record. It should be noted that Jeff did not play on the MSOM album, nor did he ever consider himself an actual member of Mind Science of the Mind.

All dates for Jeff's appearances with Mind Science of the Mind are 1996:
May 2 - Washington, DC at the Black Cat
May 3 - Philadelphia, PA (can't confirm venue, we think Kyber Pass)
May 4 - New York City at the Mercury Lounge
May 5 - Cambridge, MA at the Middle East

Through Jeff's friendship with Nathan Larson, he became involved with the First Love, Last Rites soundtrack. Larson, along with Craig Wedren and the rest of Shudder to Think, wrote and performed the music for the soundtrack to Jesse Peretz's film. Jeff sings on the track "I Want Someone Badly." Other guest performers on the soundtrack include Liz Phair, Billy Corgan, Robin Zander, and Nina Persson.

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