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I always love hearing stories from fellow fans about when they first heard of Jeff.

I was about 12 or 13 when I'd rediscovered my Grace album. I'd picked up in a box at the flea market and I had lost track of it for a while before I found it again. I played it and immediately fell in love. I became an addict and I needed to find anything and everything I could by him and about him.

I'm 16 now and I still get that same feeling I did when I listened to the Grace album for the very first time. It's incredible. I often feel cheated that I wasn't old enough to even really know that he existed back when he was still with us. But the music and legacy he's left is just astounding and I find myself falling in love all over again when I push play...

So how did you discover Jeff? How does he affect you now? Is anything different now compared to then?

Submitted by Kill Devil Hill on Fri, 03 Aug 2012.
Kill Devil Hill's picture

While Googling Bruce Dickinson, I discovered a website where they ranked vocalists by skill. Now, Bruce was my absolute favorite. Especially at this point. I'd gone through two years of just listening to him/Iron Maiden/Samson. Bruce was behind some dude named Jeff Buckley, a guy I'd never even heard of. That irked me. So I decided to look up Jeff's best vocal performances so that I could argue that he wasn't as good as Bruce. However, something unexpected happened instead.

I fell totally in love with Jeff.

I bought Grace right away and the rest is history.

Submitted by shir414 on Wed, 06 Jun 2012.
shir414's picture

I heared Hallelujah. Oh god, I fell in love really. It was maybe a year ago. I do recall hearing this version much before but I never really paid attention to who is playing it.
Anyway, at first I didn't listened to any other song of his. And one day I heared Grace on TV and immediately recognized that voice. I heared it and I was completely captured.
The first thing I did was searching that song, and I saw the 'Live In Chicago' version. then the suggestions led me to Kanga-Roo, Last goodbye, and the next thing I know Is I cant stop listening to his songs, just physically can't.
Since then, I've listened to every song of Jeff, saw and read every interview there is, and even got the fantastic book 'Dream Brother', which isn't easy for me to read cause English isn't my First language but I've got to read it.
That's pretty much it. He still remains my favorite artist of all time, and there's not a day that goes by without listening to his music.

Submitted by karma81 on Fri, 03 Jun 2011.

It was like 2004-2005 I was checking out music from when I was a teen and came across Grace at a local record store. I was already a big Leonard Cohen fan and a friend of mine said I should check out Jeff Buckley as its kind of a Cohen for gen Xers. So I picked the CD up, listened to it and couldnt belive my luck basically. How did I grow up in the 90s and not know who this guy was?

As soon as I heard "Lover you should have come over" it struck a chord, to this day if Ive been out drinking or feel like chilling I always put Grace on, goddamn CD is amazing...I feel if Jeff was still alive he would be huge as the guy was unbelievable, all the live dvds of his I have just show how good he was in front of an audience.

That rare connection between artist and fan which lasts the test of time over only several songs is profound. Picking up Grace was one of the best things I ever did and I always hype it up to people as one of the best albums ever.

Submitted by Bluemotion on Thu, 14 Apr 2011.
Bluemotion's picture

I discovered him by searching for some new music on youtube and found an instrumental version of grace. I didn't pay much attention on this but then around the last christmas I really started to listen to him. on the morning of christmas eve I was in a store and because I got already addicted to him I searched for Buckley CDs. So I found Grace and the Mystery white boy tour.
I have to say that discovering this man changed a lot for me. I became much more open and really interested in all kinds of music and pay also more attention to my own passioned spirit and live it out.I understood that it's okay to be as you are and that it isn't a fault to follow what you love to do. this guy definitively changed me.

Submitted by Mistery white girl on Fri, 02 Mar 2012.
Mistery white girl's picture

I love your story, makes me remember my own story about how do i discovered Jeff's music. I first saw Jeff when i was searching for new great voices and i decided to make a search about John Mayer's fave artists like BB King, and stuff...and John said that Jeff is one of the best artists from all time, so i discovered around youtube Want someone Badly...and...OH MY GOD, HIS VOICE! I'm so happy i found him. He's my fave singer from all time.

Submitted by 29PearlsInMyKiss on Fri, 03 Jun 2011.
29PearlsInMyKiss's picture

I love your story! Happy you found Jeff :)and your new self.

Submitted by salina on Tue, 29 Mar 2011.

Hi all together. Well I can only say that you at least had a good reason not to join some of his concerts. I'm a quite new jeff fan. It was about 6 moths ago when I heard his version of "halleluja" the først time and I fell in love with his voice and guitar play at once. So I downloaded his album grace and got really a crush on him. But than I found out that he's not longer with os at that made me really sad. I'm now 38 and that means that I would have been old enough to actually see him live and it makes me cry thinking about that I can not do a shit about it because I can not turn back time and I was obviously badly informed at that time cause that's the only explanation I can give myself for why I didn't know about his existence at that time. So I can understand your frustration about never had the chance to see him but at least you have a good reason. I have problems accepting that it's my own fault that I never had the chance. But he'll live forever in our hearts and his spirit will move on.

Submitted by 29PearlsInMyKiss on Fri, 28 Jan 2011.
29PearlsInMyKiss's picture

in January or February of 1997 shortly before his death I was at home watching MTv and this video came on


I was awe struck and went and bought my copy of Grace!I have been a loyal fan of this absolutely beautiful man since. He is my muse. R.I.P Jeff<3

Here's video of the same song on MTv 120 minutes :) enjoy!


Submitted by Qeyk on Thu, 30 Dec 2010.

well...it was like one or two years ago..really i don't remember day or something of such detalies,..and was something like this..., i found a cover on one of the best his songs alsow from his album Grace..i think it was Dream Brothers..and i really liked this, i downloaded this song with whole album..and like a lot of people i fell in love..his songs are very atmospheric and they have a special reason, lirycs are great, i learn from them a lot things...i just don't have words to explain...in our hearts and on his songs he will leave forever

P.S sorry for my english :)))

Submitted by Julian on Wed, 22 Dec 2010.
Julian's picture

I feel the same as you. I'm 18 and discovered Jeff when I was about 15, so I always feel a great sense of sadness that I wasn't aware of him while he was still alive. As with most fans, my first introduction to Jeff was through Grace - the album which, also like most fans, has since become my favourite album of all time. I played the c.d. until I knew every song from front to back. I couldn't get enough of him, so it was only natural I went right out and bought every other piece of music of Jeff's I could and listened to them all until the discs were surely nearly worn through. It helped that I live in Australia, a place where Jeff achieved what many would describe as his pinnacle of fame, perhaps second only to France - this meant that there were many special editions and re-releases available with new tracks for me to learn and get my teeth into. I still love listening to Grace, those first notes of Mojo Pin still stir a completely unreal mix of emotions that I guess I attribute to what I was feeling when I first listened to Grace; awe, amazement, and sheer happiness. I love Jeff Buckley and I always will.

Submitted by psylocke24 on Mon, 22 Nov 2010.

I first heard Jeff Bucley's song when I was in my friend's house, his brother is attending music school and trying to learn to play his song. I like it and ask him who sang the song he said Jeff Buckley, then I started to look for his album the following day.

Submitted by morrissea on Fri, 11 Feb 2011.

in the philippines, there is this fm radio show that features local bands and interviewing them regarding their band, how they started and their influences. listening to that show one time and i stumbled upon an artist who happens to like jeff buckley and his music. the dj then played a song from jeff called EVERYBODY HERE WANTS YOU and wow! what a great song and a great voice. since then i was bewildered by jeff and started to research on him. and now,3 years after discovering about this great artist, i am here in his official site to share how jeff have touched my heart with his song.. with his early demise, may we be brought forth here to disperse his genius works.

i always tell my friends that i won't get married 'till i met jeff's reincarnated dude.. and i won't stop chasing, and following his reincarnation 'till i make him mine.. no matter how hard it'll be

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