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Hey guys
I work for a music site and we have just put up an article about Buckley's legacy called "Autumn Around The Corner."

The link is; http://www.misformusic.com/2010/08/autumn-around-the-corner/

Really appreviate it if you'd give it a read. Thanks

Submitted by Jewel Box of Sadness on Fri, 20 Aug 2010.
Jewel Box of Sadness's picture

Wow Brenda! What a beautiful piece you've written about Jeff! I agree, words fail me, too, when describing his overwhelmingly beautiful artistry. I've never gotten over him and I never will. He will forever be my favorite musician~His beautiful and gentle soul and his positive energy live on forever...and ever.
Thank you for sharing this with us~All Warmth and Love, Lea ♥

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