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The original members that formed Jeff Buckley's band ("The Three M's," as he lovingly referred to them) were Mick Grondahl on bass, Matt Johnson behind the drum kit, and Michael Tighe playing rhythm guitar.

Jeff met Mick Grondahl after performing at the Post Crypt Cafe at Columbia University in New York.4 A musical relationship formed after jamming together late into the night.

Drummer Matt Johnson and Jeff had done the music for "Dream Brother" the first time they met without really knowing each other, but it just "clicked."Matt Johnson left the band after the final date of the Australian "Hard Luck Tour" in March of 1996.

An actor in his own right, Michael Tighe had not been in a band before he auditioned for the slot of a second guitarist for the Grace tour. Michael's acting work can be seen in the 1994 movie Postcards from America, along with his little brother Olmo Tighe. Michael ended up writing the guitar line that spurred "So Real," which was recorded in Los Angeles while on tour. Up until that time Michael had appeared in theatrical performances in NYC.

Parker Kindred debuted as the band's new drummer in his only live performance with the band at Arlene Grocery, New York on February 9th, 1997. Parker did, however lay down most of the drum tracks for the Verlaine sessions for My Sweetheart the Drunk in early 1997. Eric Eidel contributed drums on "The Sky Is A Landfill," "Morning Theft," and "Vancouver."

The members of Jeff's band have immersed themselves in projects and bands since Jeff's death. Michael Tighe and Mick Grondahl have toured and played with Elysian Fields.

Parker Kindred and Michael Tighe toured with Those Bastard Souls in Spring 1999 to support the release Debt and Departure. Michael Tighe (guitar) and Parker Kindred (drums) went on to play in the band Black Beetle. Black Beetle also featured Jeff's former girlfriend Joan Wasser who co-wrote the band's songs with Tighe. In the early 2000’s, Parker and Michael went on to play in the band The A.M. and released a full length self-titled album distributed throughout Europe.

Parker has also played drums for Adam Green, Grand Mal, Luke Temple, and Antony and The Johnsons. Michael toured with Grammy award winner Mark Ronson and was a guest singer (under the alias Tiggers) on his 2007 release Version. Michael is currently recording his debut solo album. Grondahl has been recording music with his band Tongue in Copenhagen. And Matt Johnson has been playing drums for John Mayer, Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Beth Orton, Duncan Sheik and others in the studio and on stage.

Matt appears on Sheik's album Humming and toured with Duncan. Take note of the track "A Body Goes Down," on which Matt Johnson plays. It is a tribute to Jeff penned by Sheik. "Though both Jeff and Duncan are performing composers, I believe their natural emphasis to be noticeably different," Johnson said. "I often think of Duncan's voice as a vehicle for his compositions, and Jeff's compositions as a vehicle for his voice." In 2010, Matt Johnson has moved forward with his own projects, like his new solo album Cagefighter and the forthcoming release Law of the Land.

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