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Mary's Mailbag

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Letters reprinted by permission. (Please do not forget to include not only your country but the city you are writing from.)

Dear Mary,

On the legacy edition of "Live in Sin-e", there is a copy of the flyer in the cover. Where can I get one of these from? I've checked online and can't find any.

Anthony Leigh
London, England


Dear Anthony,

Well it's an interesting question...but you've got it the other way around. We designed the flyer to reflect the same look as the album cover, which was originally designed in 1993. A limited quantity of two-sided posters were printed, when the album was released.

Best regards,

Dear Mary,

I recently have discovered Jeff and love his music. I am doing some recording now and making my own CD. It's a lot harder than I thought and was wondering if you could give me a few tips on what to do and what not to do, if so thanks,

Joel K.


Ah, Joel,

You are asking a simple question that I cannot answer completely in the same manner. Let me try, however, to give you two bits of advise I'd give anyone in your position:

1. Don't try to be or sound like anyone else but yourself.
2. Make sure you copyright your work.

Dear Mary,

My name is Mitchell, I am twenty and live on the east coast of Australia, I just wanted to send you a message in the hope that you read it to say thank you for keeping your magnificent sons spirit alive. I have been a guitarist for ten years and love playing Jeff's music. It is so incredibly individual.

Dear Mary,

I was so fortunate to have heard Jeff play live at Barristers in Memphis for three Monday nights in a row right before his tragic passing. ... The first time was the first time I'd ever heard him live. It was just him and his electric guitar, and It was one of the most beautiful and spiritual experiences of my entire life.

Dear Mary,

I'm Interested in finding out what Jeff's motivation/meaning was for the song "New Year's Prayer" ?

John Wulf
Williamsville, NY


Dear John:

It's a slippery slope you're asking me to tread on, here. Jeff was often asked to explain the lyrics of his songs - he almost always refused to "fill in the blanks" for his listeners. He found it quite amusing when music journalists tried to make him agree to their interpretations.

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